Become a volunteer

Volunteer at Church of Thousand Oaks

1. Volunteering in Church of Thousand Oaks Has Given My Life Greater Purpose

 The church in Thousand Oaks has been here for more than 20 years. We have gone massive demolition and reconstruction that have placed church activities on hold. We’ve experienced challenges brought by natural occurrences but one thing has remained whole – it is our faith in God.

Yet the challenges only made us strong. And now, we are inviting everyone to volunteer in the church. As we continue to build better and bigger house of Jesus, we want us all united through the spirit of volunteerism.

There is a various significant cause on the planet and quality spots to chip in your time. However, for my purposes, I settled on the essential choice to serve at my congregation since it was there where my endeavors could bring about somebody’s life being changed forever. It is in a nearby church where an individual could be made spic and span and become recovered.

2. Volunteering in Church of Thousand Oaks Has Given Me Broader Perspective

Serving others has permitted me to zero in on bigger issues and others instead of generally on myself.

3. Volunteering in Church of Thousand Oaks Has Given Me Lifelong Friendships

There is an interesting social bond which comes from “being in the foxhole” with somebody and serving together. I have made in a real sense many special interactions and deep rooted companions as a result of chipping in at my congregation.

4. Volunteering in Church of Thousand Oaks Has Given Me A Healthier Self-Image

It might sound selfish yet there is a solid feeling of satisfaction which comes from serving others and not being called to a lesser errand. You simply rest easier thinking about yourself when your life matters and has an effect.

5. Volunteering in Church of Thousand Oaks Helps Others

Carrying on with an inside centered life helps nobody. Serving others eases enduring, benefits the under-resourced, addresses the issues of the underestimated, gives trust, and works on the nature of individuals’ lives.

6. Volunteering in Church of Thousand Oaks Has Made Me More Generous

Liberality is time, ability and fortune. Church of Thousand Oaks volunteers give conciliatorily of their time and ability BEFORE giving conciliatorily of their fortune. It is a successive interaction. By being liberal with my time and ability, monetary liberality has been a characteristic outpouring.