Church in Thousand Oaks

Our heartfelt welcome for new comers to the Church in Thousand Oaks.

We are professors in the Lord Jesus Christ and meet up in the city of Thousand Oaks. The congregation in Thousand Oaks isn’t our name; it’s our portrayal. We hold the confidence that is uncovered in the Bible and is normal to all real devotees. We heartily welcome all visitors and guests.

Who Are We?

We are strong believers to the Lord Jesus Christ and meet up in the city of Thousand Oaks. The congregation in Thousand Oaks isn’t our name; it’s our depiction. We hold the confidence that is uncovered in the Bible and is normal to all certified devotees. We heartily welcome all visitors and guests.

We treasure the Holy Bible as God’s disclosure of Himself and His timeless reason. Our cherished Jesus Christ is the focal point of every one of our social occasions.

Through petition and partnership with each other, we try to become in a profound way both exclusively and as the Body of Christ. Our little gathering church life gives valuable chances to appreciate Christian friendship that energizes, reinforces, and supports us to carry on with the Christian life.

You know the Church in Thousand Oaks are famous for its modern architecture and sidings. But it’s not just the physical appearance that matters. Faith is a crucial factor that connects people.

 Join Us

Feel closer to God

Perhaps you’re battling with a particular inquiry or need some heading in your life. Perhaps you simply need to feel God’s affection and realize that He is there. As you pay attention to lessons and study God’s lessons, you will have chances to get understanding from God and feel near Him. He needs to speak with you, and church is a spot to hear His voice in your heart and brain.

Participate in the sacrament (or Communion)

At chapel, individuals participate in the ceremony (or Communion). Jesus instructed, “Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this does in recognition of me” (1 Corinthians 11:24). Keeping this decree week by week at chapel, we commit time to consider, ask, and recollect how Jesus has helped us. We resolve to follow Him and look for motivation for how we can turn out to be more similar to Him.

Church services teach and uplift

What we realize at chapel gives us direction on the most proficient method to follow God, work on our otherworldliness, and carry on with better lives. You can be inspired by faith family and by the valuable chance to serve and love. You can likewise feel the Holy Spirit who brings “love, satisfaction, harmony, lenient, delicacy, goodness, [and] confidence” (Galatians 5:22).

Feel connected, supported, and understood

Church is a local area where we can mingle and uphold one another. You can make companions, feel a feeling of having a place, and fabricate an encouraging group of people that you can depend on. The Church people group helps us to “grieve with those that grieve; yea, and solace those that substitute need of solace” (Mosiah 18:9).

Learn from living prophets

Notwithstanding the sacred texts, we depend on a living prophet and living messengers to direct us today. While we don’t hear from them each Sunday, we pay attention to them no less than two times every year in an overall Church meeting called general gathering. Prophets assist us with knowing how to keep Jesus a need in our speedy lives and furthermore give profound direction to the remarkable difficulties and chances of the present world.

Connecting With Jesus

We trust you’ll track down a Sunday to go along with us! In the event that you partake you would say and need to keep on building your confidence with us, we suggest you meet with the teachers and think about immersion.

Ministers can assist you with finding out about our convictions by sharing brief messages about Jesus, God’s arrangement for you, how you can fortify your family, and numerous different subjects. They can respond to your inquiries concerning the Church and how to turn into a part.

Meeting with the evangelists doesn’t mean you have chosen to join the Church. It’s just a way you can dive deeper into it. As you meet with the preachers, you’ll acquire a declaration of Jesus and His gospel and can follow His model by being purified through water. Jesus was absolved by inundation in the Jordan River by John the Baptist (see Matthew 3:13-17). We welcome you to come meet with us, learn of Jesus, and partake in every one of the advantages our Church and local area offer.

Family Oriented

We have been assigned perhaps the most secure city in the US and one of 10 incredible urban areas to bring up your children. Thousand Oaks is home to a portion of the country’s top schools, exceptional parks, and a horde of shopping amazing open doors, remembering one of the biggest auto shopping centers for the country. Visit Conejo Valley for more data.

Social Arts Destination

One more wellspring of pride is the Civic Arts Plaza. Opened in 1994, this gem of social expressions has turned into a reference point for our district highlighting a-list amusement, musicals, shows, kids’ shows, ballet performances, and substantially more.

Amgen Cycling Tour Center

A different universe class occasion that the city is glad to be a piece of is the Amgen Tour of California. Thousand Oaks has filled in as host to the last phases of this global cycling race on a few events. The Amgen Tour of California is the country’s biggest and most perceived cycling occasion. We are one of the nation’s main 50 bicycle cordial urban areas.

Accomplices with Business

Thousand Oaks values joint effort with inhabitants and organizations. This obligation to public-private organizations is most obvious in the reception of the City’s outline for a renewed midtown, the Thousand Oaks Boulevard Specific Plan. A portion of the City’s most great achievements have come in the domain of foundation upgrades. Public framework upgrades personal satisfaction, and guarantees the versatility of inhabitants and organizations, presently and later on.