Become a Missionary

Are you hoping to use your experience as a Christian Missionary to Connect with more individuals?

We prepare and enable ministers and other vital Christian pioneers to duplicate a developing number of pioneers who sway their networks and their societies, for example family, church, training, working environment, and so on


Down to earth reproducible guidance in a Christ-focused scriptural perspective, through an assortment of scenes including huge gatherings, more modest centered educator preparing gatherings and individual tutoring. Educational settings will incorporate degree and non-degree level open doors.


Giving assets, for example commonsense educational notes, composed and electronic review materials, PC based assets, and so forth


Interfacing public developments to vital accomplices; like Miami International Seminary, Ligonier Ministries, Third Millennium, Chalmers Center, and so forth


Effectively enroll a rising number of staff educators and self-subsidized momentary instructing partners